"Be Well, Be Heard" 1:1 Support For Young Refugees

We offer specialist casework support, working intensively with young refugees in Sussex.

Our 1:1 work focuses on supporting young people to be well and be heard. 

We work with young people on the practical support around issues affecting their wellbeing and connect them to appropriate mental health and other specialist services, advocacy around their asylum claim and other issues such as support with benefits, education and social development

Our part-time youth caseworker works responsively and holistically to meet the needs of young people. We offer vital support to young people experiencing issues of trauma through key work sessions and advocacy around delayed or failed asylum cases. Both working in partnership with other professionals with a multi agency approach. 

We hope to expand this service in the future, to meet the huge need for specialist casework support around mental health and advocacy for young people through the asylum process.

If you would like to know more, get in touch with our Be Well Be Heard caseworker Amber:

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