A Community Standing Together for the Rights and Protection of Young Refugees

Our Story

Founded in 2015 as a grassroots organisation in Calais, we’re now a Brighton based charity working locally with young refugees & campaigning nationally.

Our Brighton based services have been developed by listening & responding to the needs of local young refugees.

We actively campaign for the rights & protection of refugees.

Alongside our Young People, we have led significant national & international campaigns and continue to lobby for change.

Our Services

Global Social Club (GSC)

Global Social Club (GSC) meets every Monday. Our team welcome young people aged 14-25 from Sussex and around the world.

We’re based at the BMECP Centre in central Brighton. GSC is delivered in partnership with the Refugee Council and Pathways to Independence.


Young Leaders

Young Leaders programme is run in partnership with TEDxBrighton. The Hummingbird Young Leaders have attended regular sessions developing confidence & skills.

Young Leaders programme was created as an innovative way to mentor young refugees in Brighton in public speaking, communication, leadership, advocacy and politics.

Learning Space

Hummingbird Learning Space offers 1-2-1 tution and a weekly drop in educational and language support session with qualified teachers.

It has fast become one of the most successful outcomes of GSC’s youth-led approach, created in direct response to requests of our young members.

'Be Well, Be Heard' Specialist 1:1 Support

We offer specialist support to young refugees who may have experienced trauma and/or have significant difficulties in their life.

Our 1:1 work focusses on supporting young people to be well and be heard. We offer vital support to young people experiencing issues, including complex trauma and delayed or failed asylum cases, working in partnership with other professionals with a multi agency approach. We work with young people on the issues affecting their wellbeing and connect them to appropriate specialist services. 

Campaigning & Advocacy

We actively campaign for the rights & protection of refugees. We have led significant local, national & international campaigns and continue to lobby for change!


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