About Us

The Hummingbird Project is a Brighton based organisation.

We provide aid and solidarity to refugee and unaccompanied minors as they flee from conflict and settle in new countries.

The project was formed in 2015 to provide aid to refugees in the ‘Jungle’ camp in Calais.

Now, the Hummingbird Project is a registered UK charity and runs a number of services and projects across the UK and Europe, in order to ensure refugees and unaccompanied minors receive the vital support they need and deserve, as they work their way towards a better life.

You can find our 2018 annual report here. Will you help us?

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The Hummingbird Project is 100% funded by donations. Year round, all of our team work as volunteers to ensure that vital services are delivered and that new challenges and needs are met as, when and where the occur.

To help us continue our work, we need your support and your donations. To help bring safety, security and happiness to a young refugee, please donate today.

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The Hummingbird and the Forest Fire

Our work is inspired by a simple story…

Once upon a time there was beautiful forest full of animals. But one day the forest caught fire and all the animals ran to escape from the flames.

One of the animals – a little hummingbird – decided to fly to the river, pick up as much water as it could carry in its beak, then fly back to the forest and drop the water on the fire. It did this again, again and again.

Eventually the animals called out to the Hummingbird, ‘What are you doing! You’re just one little hummingbird and thats a huge fire.”

The hummingbird didn’t stop, it just turned and replied…

“I am doing all I can”.