Hummingbird Young Leader Video Script

You might be more like us than you think.

We are The Hummingbird Young Leaders.

We’re young people from different backgrounds,

Working together to create better futures for young refugees.

We represent the diversity of future leaders.

And we are here to help the community to become a better place.

Today, we will tell you more about refugees.

Perhaps in a way you haven’t heard before,

In the news, in the media or from politicians.

So, why are we here?

Why did we leave our home?

It’s because it wasn’t safe.

It was dangerous and we had no future. We could have died at any moment.

The journey here is dangerous. But the journey of settling here, can be more terrifying.

The pressure on our mental health increases over time, as the home office decides our fate.

Our life is placed on hold and we can feel like we don’t own our future.

We need to prove that our life is in danger if we were to return,

By attending long and difficult interviews. Where we are made to feel…



And disbelieved. 

Every question feels like they want us to make a mistake, so they can find a hole in our story.

This process can take many years.

And until we are granted permission, we cannot work, and some of us cannot study, no matter of our educational background.

We have to start everything from scratch, our education, career and our social life.

We believe that this is unfair.

So, what can you do to help?

Make friends with refugees and support us in our education.

Sometimes we need help understanding things like how different year groups work, exams and qualifications.

You can help us with English culture too, From music and TV, to food and language.

And help us stand up to racism. We can be bullied for the colour of our skin, our language and our accents.

But we know, that what’s more important than nationality, is personality.

And finally. Learn more about Asylum system.

It is complex. But it is a big part of our lives. And a big part of why we often feel misunderstood.

Thank you for listening to us.

Thank you for supporting us in changing the narrative of refugees.

Thank you for being our friend.

You are the hope of change.

Eight Top Tips For Recording Your Script, by Percy

1. Background. Keep a clear and neutral background, free of distractions. Use a colour like white or another neutral background.

2. Light. Position yourself in front of light source, such as window or lamp. So that your face is well lit.

3. Sound. If you can, you can use a microphone, or even your headphones. If you don’t have these, just make sure project your voice slowly and clearly

4. Angle. Film you video horizontally (turn your phone on its side). Most people forget this and film with their phone vertically, which is okay for social media. But not for Youtube.

5. Camera. Use the back camera on your phone. Even though if you can use the front camera, you can see yourself. It is better use the back camera because it is less distracting for you and it is normally a better quality camera .

6. Eyes. Look straight at the lens. Sometimes you can use something like selotape to mark where you should look. This means that you will always be looking in one place and the viewers can see you

7. Stable. Prop up your phone on something solid so it doesn’t fall over. If you can use a tripod, that great. But if not use some books or a small box. Whatever makes your phone straight or stable.

8. Be yourself! Start with a smile and don’t pretend to be anyone else.