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Hummingbird Service Updates Week of 13/05. - 20.05.

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This week, our Hummingbird caseworker has been also working with homelessness by organising emergency accommodation. We explored the issues our Hummingbird Young Leader would like to campaign on, and understanding how advocacy can work and Global Social Club session explored creative storytelling using objects. Also, and due to the high demand since lockdown, we have begun to offer online "Learning Space" group sessions.

Be Well, Be Heard

'Be, Well, Be Heard' service has been continuing to provide advice and support for young people with accessing COVID 19 government guidelines in their first languages. Our Hummingbird caseworker is continuing to work remotely working over the phone, video link and through texts. The main areas for support over the last two week was supporting young people accessing their medical and education support and supporting them to continue to stay connected with their friends and community. Our case worker has also been working with homelessness this week by organising  emergency accommodation and advocating on behalf of young people for services to provide support. Funds for phone credit and food were given and food parcels delivered to young people's homes.

Hummingbird Young Leaders

Last week we held a group call with Hummingbird Young Leaders, and the newly formed Safe Passage Young Leaders. The two groups enjoyed getting to know each other and they are looking forward to working together more in the future. This week was spent exploring the issues young people would like to campaign on, and understanding how advocacy can work. Our latest group of Young Leaders have also been completing weekly video challenges, in order to continue practicing their public speaking skills during lockdown. Our sessions have been supported by our Young Leader Graduates who have helped shape the program and support our new cohort of aspiring change makers.⁠

Global Social Club

GSC Online has now been running for over a month, creating a fun, connective space for young people who are part of the Global Social Club community. We've connected with 12 young people since we began running sessions online and this week's session explored creative storytelling using objects. A fish, a hat, an umbrella and a man with a moustache! 

We're hearing from many young people that they miss our weekly in person sessions and find it challenging living without structure in lockdown, making our regular online session a vital space to connect with friendly faces and share laughter.  

Learning Space

Learning Space  has been delivering online 1-1 educational tutorials which are available for young people accessing our services. Due to the high demand for this service since lockdown, we have begun to offer online group sessions in maths , functional Skills Level 2 and English sessions available for all our young members.

Learning space is working with Global Social Club and our partners to develop welcome sessions for young refugees who are new to the country. The aim of the online welcome session is to help young people to connect with young people, services and to practice English. 

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    I would very much like to help your incredible organisation in any way I can. I am in central London and wish to offer you my support. My husband is a beekeeper and we have May hives in the area producing very good honey.

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