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Hummingbird Service Updates Week of 19/04 - 24.04 🕊

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Be Well, Be Heard

"The support I have helps my heart, people staying in touch makes me feel safe and like a family. People you trust to talk to about emotions and feelings can help you feel normal”- Feedback received this week from a young man aged 20.

Be Well, Be Heard' caseworker is working to continue a high level of support and care for young people in this difficult time. Support has varied from, supporting online legal appointments, sharing wellbeing advice and helping young people feel connected to the community.

Global Social Club

Global Social Club enjoyed catching up via zoom this Monday! As usual, there were fun games, activities and lots of laughter. We can’t wait to see everyone again next week!

Hummingbird Young Leaders

We had such a great catch up with the new young leaders group on Tuesday.

The Young Leaders Program meets every tuesday evening, now via Zoom. Young people are practicing their public speaking skills and learning about who they want to be as leaders. The new group is being supported by our Young Leader Graduates who have helped to shape this year's program.

Learning Space

Learning Space has scaled up its work to be able to meet the growing needs of educational support.

There has been growing anxiety from young people who have not been able to sit their exams and were relying on the results to get into college or university.

Our teachers are giving 1-1 tutorials and educational support and advice to young people across all of our services.

The online lessons have gone really well. Big thanks to all of our volunteer tutors - you are all amazing!

2020-05-20 17_34_21-(2) Hummingbird Project- Refugee Aid and Solidarity - H

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