Sunny week for Hummingbrids!

Last Monday was Homework Club 3-5 which was lead by Mick.
GSC was from 5-7 and lead by Kathy. We had guest facilitators in from Amazonia Arts teaching young people Capareira and Samba!
We had a new arrival to the UK and we welcomed him and i gave 1:1 support to the foster carer.
Wednesday was the planning meeting for refugee week.
Friday we had a session making at same sky for refugees Welcome Parade. Giant Hummingbird number 1 is 50% done.
We had a special event on Saturday! The council has allocated £90,000 for youth services in Brighton and Hove and they have tasked young people to decide where that money goes. Our young people were invited to represent Hummingbird Project which is a great honour!
Then we went on a bus and off to Shorham for a full day of activities and planning with the cross party working group for that.