What a wonderful night at Global Social Club we had tonight!

Every Monday, the Hummingbird Project helps host the Global Social Club at the YPC in Brighton. Global Social Club is an evening of friendship, fun and creativity for young people in the city. It is also a great initiative for helping young refugees meet new people and to spread feelings of togetherness and solidarity amongst young people. This week (Monday 12th March), was another great social event, Elaine has shared a little story as to how it all went…


Kicking off with Homework Club

From 4.00pm on Monday 12 March, our lovely teacher Mick helped our members tackle through their homework, which can be really useful when English is not your first language. The Young Refugees we support tell us they really appreciate someone going through their homework with them, as getting behind can be really stressful.


Global Social Club!

From 5pm we then started Global Social Club, which is always fun and uplifting! It’s ideal for those who struggle with confidence, language and wanting to make friends. This week we had guest facilitators Yael and Naomi, who taught us about physical theatre! We were also learning about each other’s languages and culture and of course, we ended our evening with some dancing! It’s seems to be one the young people’s favourite things to do now at the end of each week!

Thought he Global Social Club, The Hummingbird Project also works in partnership with the Refugee Council to provide specialist support for under 18s asylum cases and we offer individual work to young refugees too when they are struggling.

We can’t wait till next week already!!

Lots of love from us all at the Hummingbird Project and the Global Social Club

#weloveourcity ❤❤


Elaine Ortiz, Founder

Hummingbird Porject