Hummingbirds here and there 14/09/2016

It was a team of three of us this week in the Youth Arts Safe Space. Simple activities of drawing, paper mache and painting. It has been hard in the jungle for the boys. It was Eid, it’s been incredibly hot and tension was in the air due to news getting round about the evictions.
Our young people are homesick, fed up, some are extremely depressed and feelings of desperation has set in. They feel like no one wants them. We heard things like “I might as well be dead” and “we are just like animals here”. We hear about awful fights within camp, police brutality towards them and how some choose to sleep on the roadside because they think its better than in the camp. There they feel safer. It was obvious to us that these boys are scared.



This is hard to see when in front of you are the most amazing boys you have ever met. Funny, resilient and so, so caring. Why would no one want them? Why would any one harm them? Why are the governments of France and UK and multi million pound charities not taking any action? Our feelings is that we can and we must.

The jungle is not a place for any human, its especially not a place for vulnerable children and young people that are mostly on their own.

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Our government has promised to bring some of these children over thanks to the Lord Dubs Amendment. That was in May, we are now mid September, nothing has happened.

Please write to your MP and ask them to help.

When and if they do come over unaccompanied minors arriving to the UK require specialist foster care
arrangements. If you are interested in becoming a foster carer, please enquire through this link

#refugeeswelcome #createaglittering