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Hummingbirds here and there 14/09/2016

by Damien Robert

It was a team of three of us this week in the Youth Arts Safe Space. Simple activities of drawing, paper mache and painting. It has been hard in the jungle for the boys. It was Eid, it’s been incredibly hot and tension was in the air due to news getting round about the evictions.…

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by Damien Robert

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Hummingbirds here and there 19/08/2016

by Damien Robert

This week in Calais we were joined for the first time by our friends Jatani and Awel from Brighton and Hove’s Oromo community. Our first stop on route to the camp was via the L’Auberge des Migrants / Help Refugees warehouse to hand over a van full of much needed clothes and shoe donations which…

Streaming Blade Runner (1982) Full Episode

by Damien Robert

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by Damien Robert

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Watch Full Movie Streaming And Download Everybody Wants Some!! (2016) subtitle english

by Damien Robert

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